Slot Machines: Consistency

The jingles and the jangles of the Unibet slot machine attract more human minds, per year, than the blue machines attract flies in food establishments. When it comes to gambling they are often cited as the first introduction to the world of the punter. This is due to their popularity and standing within establishments that operate outside of the casino. For example, when was the last time you walked into the fish and chip shop and found a Craps table in the corner?
The slot machines are based on random number generators and therefore luck. But there are those who believe that they can reduce the edge in order to make it worthwhile to spend some coin on the wonderful machines.
One of the ways often cited in order to reduce the edge is consistency. Unfortunately, this means reducing your variety to a single machine, and as a result, it may not be to your fancy. But if you do find a machine that has everything that you want, then this might be sound advice.
Each slot machine is different than the next. From the wild and scatter activations, to the bonus and free spins rounds, it takes time to get used to each machine, and as you know time means money. By playing on a single machine at you quicken the learning process and get to understand all of the nuances much quicker than trying to juggle numerous machines. Who knows, you may even pick up some sixth sense on when the machine is about to explode? We doubt it, but just having the knowledge of the workings of all of the special features is worth money in itself.
Consistency may not be the key, but it certainly gives you an advantage.

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