Blackjack: Hard and Soft Hands

A quirk of Unibet Blackjack that keeps the mind-motor running is the fact that aces can count as either one or eleven. It is this dual concept that gives rise to the terms hard and soft totals.
Hard Hands
Any hand that does not contain an ace is counted as a hard hand. This is because no matter how many times you add them up you will always get the same total. For example, nine plus eight is always seventeen. The second range of hard hands is a combination of aces where the ace counts as one. For example ace-nine is hard 10.
Soft Hands
To understand the difference between a soft and hard hand we are going to use an example of being dealt an ace and a seven. In this scenario you have a soft 18 (ace = 11 and seven = 7) and a hard 8 (ace = 1 and seven = 7). Soft hands are great because you have more options to draw than you do with hard totals.
To understand the advantage soft hands can provide, consider the dealer with an ace up card. The dealer must stand on totals of 16 or less, but with an ace up card they essentially get a free drawing card without fear us busting, or exceeding the total of 16.
There are nine soft hands in total and they range from soft 13 (ace and deuce) to soft 21 (ace and ten). Yes, we are not going crazy; Blackjack is also a soft hand because you can actually ask for another hit as your hand has a hard total of 11!

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