How to pick winning lotto numbers

When you play the lottery, you know you’re playing a game of chance, but for some reason, that doesn’t stop many of us picking out our favourite numbers to ‘increase’ our chances of winning. However, as the numbers on the lottery are drawn completely at random, there’s no way that the idea of picking lucky numbers could possibly help.

And this theory is backed up whenever you find out the EuroJackpot results online; for a start you’re reading this, so it’s pretty likely your numbers haven’t come up yet! There’s no winning formula or recurring pattern to be found in the results – all the more reason for our numbers we choose to play to be randomly picked.

We’ve put together some top tips on how to pick your lotto numbers so you’re in with the greatest chances of winning.

Forget about special days

Lots of players choose friends and family members’ birthdays as part of their lottery choice. This means that an awful lot of people are betting on the numbers 1-31 coming up. If you win with these kinds of numbers, you’re going to have to share with others.

The numbers between 32 and 49 are the least picked numbers on lotto slips. So if you choose two from this group, and win with those higher numbers you stand to win a greater amount as there’ll be fewer people to share it with.

Leave out the months

Following the point about numbers 1-31, the same rule goes for months too – the numbers 1 to 12 are very popular on lotto slips. Keep numbers below 13 to a minimum and avoid number 7 – oft picked for its lucky characteristic as well as being one of the month numbers.

Don’t fear 13

We all know that the number 13 is said to be unlucky, and perhaps this is why it’s relatively rarely chosen on lotto slips. Put it down in your next pick and it might bring you some good luck! On the flip side, avoid favoured lucky numbers like 2 and 7 – everyone else will be choosing them too.

Bear these tips in mind and make use of lucky dip facilities or similar – on the EuroMillions website you can use a random number generator to draw you different random combinations whenever you need them.

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