Among the playing undertakings, the story of blackjack is said to be a debatable one. Some say that this undertaking came from the French with the vingt-et-un which is also known as 21. Some say that it came from Italy with the undertaking of 31 which even extends to the 13th century. There are so many possible sources for the story of this known undertaking but what we want is how it reached the American soil and how it came about to be blackjack.

The American and European influence

The undertaking of 21 has become widespread in the Americas right after the Revolution in France around 1789. It is being played by the French and it began to catch on and soon enough, the undertaking has become very known. The initial name was Twenty-one and this name was implemented in 1823 in New Orleans.

In European countries, the undertaking was just there as pure entertainment. However, a lot of professional gamblers in the US have taken this simple undertaking into a profitable venture. Bonuses were added and new features and values were also included. Since no regulations were present at that time, the method really caught on and it then has become quite chaotic around the 1800s when crime and corruption in playing have become rampant.

Further developments in blackjack

1931 was a pivotal moment in blackjack when the Nevada playing Act legalized playing in the state. Once this happened, new changes were bound to happen. The real modern blackjack was initialized in the early 1900s. From then on new styles, techniques, variations and even card counting systems and strategic playing have become known. Today, this undertaking has become extremely known and it is not being offered in known casino sites.

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