Pontoon Online

Pontoon via internet is a variation of the poplar via internet blackjack game and there are some small changes on the rules. You can find this on a variety of casinos via internet. The rules tend to be unique per casino so be aware of the little details when playing the game.

The game benefits

It is fun to play this because the payout is 2 to 1. There is also the Five Card Trick as well as the unique reduction of the house edge when more decks are included. The rules are quite more liberal in the double down so the players can really maximize the opportunities on winning the game. Compared the Australian variation, via internet pon toon is not a variant of Spanish 21 which gives more edge to the dealer.

The rules of the game

Playing this variation is like playing a regular game of blackjack but with a very minor variation. The highest hand is still the pon toon or blackjack which is 2 cards equal to 21. The next one though is the Five Card Trick which is 5 cards with a total of 21. The game starts with 2 cards and then from here the game moves to the regular rules.

Advantages in via internet versions

The turns in via internet pon toon ca be similar to a regular game but with a little variation. In via internet versions, it is alright to double down 2 up to 4 cards and one can even make a hit after that. The double however can only be done once on each hand. The split aces can be doubled or drawn. Even on split aces, if a player gets a pon toon, it is still an actual pon toon.

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